Comprehensive integration of urban resources to create night consumption space

2019/10/20 14:54:57
Recently, major cities in China have made great efforts to create night scene lights, forming a bright city night scene business card. It is worth noting that in the process of night tourism, most of the citizens and tourists just enjoy the night view, and the consumption is still insufficient. The reason is that there is a gap between urban night scene space and consumption space, that is to say, only focusing on building large-scale urban night scene, ignoring small-scale consumption space. In order to turn the urban nightscape into the driving force to stimulate the consumption of culture and tourism, the key is to create the consumption space of nightscape.
Cultural tourism consumption is carried out in a certain space scene, which integrates the unique landscape environment, cultural symbols, life atmosphere and business atmosphere. Tourists are intoxicated in this scene, combined with the cultural interaction formed by consumption behavior, to form an immersion cultural tourism pleasure experience. The urban nighttime consumption space is built on the urban nighttime landscape, which integrates the urban cultural symbols, life scenes and commercial facilities. Therefore, in order to further transform the urban nightscape into the urban nighttime consumption space that can stimulate the potential of cultural and tourism consumption, we should realize the comprehensive integration of the urban nightscape, culture, life, commerce, transportation, safety and other functions, and pay attention to the following aspects:
Connect landmark landscape symbols and develop night tour routes. In the process of urban night scene lighting construction, we should not only focus on the overall urban landmark landscape to create a number of "punch points" that must be seen and visited in urban night tour. It is also necessary to form the best way of night tour through a variety of different night tour ways, tour routes and viewing platforms. In addition, in the main distribution centers, viewing platforms and night travel vehicles of the city's night travel routes, commercial facilities and public service facilities should be improved to stimulate the consumption potential in the process of night travel.
Prosper night cultural festival activities and innovate night tour projects. The prosperous night Cultural Festival is an effective way to gather consumer groups, enhance the popularity of the city at night and create consumer demand. Making full use of holding cultural festivals at night will attract consumer groups to enter specific cultural space in a large range, thus forming a high-density and centralized cultural and tourism consumption cluster. To create an innovative night tour project in the city, on The\ One hand, we should make full use of the existing cultural sites and facilities, and develop new projects such as night performance, museum night tour, scenic spot night tour, etc. in combination with acousto-optic technology and tourist demand.
In a word, nighttime cultural tourism is an important new growth point of urban cultural tourism consumption. Local governments should take measures according to local conditions, while lighting up the city with nightscape lights, create a richer urban nightscape consumption space, and further stimulate the potential of cultural tourism consumption.