The key to a good hotel

2019/10/15 10:11:11
Although different types or grades of hotels have different pain points, itching points and excitement points, there are also some common problems. Here are a few examples for reference.
Advertising manuscripts provided to OTA must be realistic. The Hotel avoids the increased cost of changing rooms and eliminates the guest's dissatisfaction.
Noise is not a matter of two days because of the breakdown of fresh air system. Therefore, the hotel quality inspection department should strengthen the inspection of related facilities, and urge the engineering department to seriously implement the regular inspection and maintenance in the "five permanent" regulations.
Nowadays, not only customers can not live without smart phones, but alsO Hotels themselves are developing towards intellectualization. The importance of WIFI is self-evident. The bandwidth, density and signal intensity of WIFI must also be adapted to the needs of hotels. This case also exposes a problem that hotel managers fail to deal with disputes in time because of knowledge disconnection, resulting in customer loss. This requires hotel staff to expand their knowledge as soon as possible, master new skills and keep pace with the development of the times. In particular, managers must be fully familiar with or understand all kinds of business knowledge related tO Hotel work, and enhance their ability to deal with problems.
Some hotel managers are not familiar with the business and the requirements in the process are not clear; some hotels, although the reception process has made detailed provisions, but the implementers have not seriously implemented, the managers are neglected to supervise; some hotels only talk about the registration of guests when training, but do not explain why to register, the staff know little about it, and the natural implementation is not in place.
Tea service can be more meticulous, such as providing different kinds of beverages in different seasons, while mastering the different temperatures of beverages.
The variety and quantity of drinks in the refrigerator should be balanced between reducing costs and meeting the needs of customers, and the right choice should be made. Too many varieties and quantities will not only increase the cost, but also make the customers endless. In addition, the fruit sent into the room should be skinned (with fruit knives), because guests have doubts about the hygiene of the cut fruit.
The sign is a good prop that can not only move the guests but also increase the cost. However, I think it is better to put the sign on the washstand in the bathroom. Because the first thing most guests do when they put down their luggage is to wash their hands in the bathroom. Naturally, they can see the prompt at the first time.