ational Day Tourism Income Creates New High

2019/10/9 10:13:39
National Day tourism consumption is in full swing. According to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, 542 million trips took place in the first four days of the National Day holiday, with domestic tourism revenue of 452.63 billion yuan, and tourism consumption reached a new record.
Compared with the beautiful data of National Day tourism revenue, what we need to see is that scenic spots have changed from the single ticket revenue as the dominant mode of operation to a more diversified mode of operation to build a complete tourism industry service chain. Many scenic spots themselves are also accelerating the transformation, which also includes the policy guidance adopted by the local government to promote the comprehensive development of the tourism industry.
It can be seen that through the government guidance price and even free, more and more local scenic spots become more friendly to the people, which seemingly will bring a certain direct loss of tickets, but it will bring the indirect benefits of visitors in all aspects such as food, housing and transportation.
For the scenic spot ticket price is too high, before the community has a lot of criticism. In fact, if the main source of income of a scenic spot comes from tickets, it will not only deter many tourists because of the high price tickets, but also cause the deformity of the income structure of the scenic spot, and form the path dependence on the ticket income, which is not conducive to the long-term development of the scenic spot. Through the active adjustment of local government, the tickets can be restored to a reasonable position. At the same time, the operators of scenic spots can be forced to increase their investment in diversified management to meet the personalized needs of young people. This will also help the overall development of the local tourism industry, improve the satisfaction of tourists, form a word-of-mouth effect with a higher reputation, let tourists "play rate" increase, which is not a long-term benefit for scenic spots?
National Day tourism revenue has reached a new high, highlighting the vitality of diversified operation of scenic spots, and also pointed out the way to upgrade China's tourism industry. In the past, many scenic operators always confined their eyes to the "doors" of scenic spots, making decisions on ticket revenue and "garden in garden" plus fees. Little did they know that this action was too short-sighted and utilitarian, which caused damage to the consumption and play experience of tourists. Only when the operators of scenic spots extend their vision to "outside the door", do a good job of products and provide good services through quality and differentiated operation ideas, can they conform to the trend of tourism and leisure needs of the Chinese people, let tourists enjoy and comfort in all aspects of food, housing, travel and play, and truly realize the win-win effect of brand image and economic benefits. Not only can the golden week such as National Day make a pot full of money, but also can it make a pot full of money. Can form a year-round trend, win public trust.