Why is the business of tourism shooting hot?

2019/10/3 23:06:13
The number of eleven bookings for one-US-for-one photography on the travel platform has been rising steadily since the beginning of September. At present, there is hardly any time for photographers to be scheduled in popular destinations.
The equipment is somewhat cumbersome. Calling passers-by to take photos is like buying lottery tickets. The composition and creativity of the graphic software are still limited. Chen He himself and his family and friends travel, photography level is often Tucao. Aware of the need for professional travel photography, he founded the "One Beauty One Photo" travel photography company in 2016.
The increasing demand for travel photography is also closely related to the rise of mobile social media. In recent years, Xiaohongshu, tremble and Honeycomb UGC platforms have risen. People are used to sharing travel on mobile social platforms, and hope that the photos they share are exquisite and propaganda-friendly. The younger freelancers and the higher income are also the behind-the-scenes factors. Freelance photographers and photography studios are the main body of travel photography. With the growth of the tourist population, the industry has begun to show a trend of platforms.
People travel farther and farther, and their vision is wider and wider. They are also tired of indoor props and false coconut scenery background. Gradually outdated photo studio wedding photography, following the demands of consumers to change, and even expand business overseas. The travel service also extended from wedding dress to paternity, personal and girlfriends.
Travel photography not only broadens the business channels of traditional studios, but also gives photographers more free time and space to create.
There are posts on the three categories of travel photographers: the characteristics and pros and cons of freelance photographers: the orders of freelance photographers often rely on the reputation of acquaintances or operate on the content of social platforms, but the styles, quality of service and price are uneven; the studio tailored one to one custom service, and set up brand with unique style; The service mode is multi-to-one, standardized and efficient, and service packages are more expensive. Some movie studios have the phenomenon of invisible consumption and late forced film addition.
"Personal Workshop" type travel photography is often due to one-to-one service, and establish in-depth contact with customers, get strong customer stickiness, high repurchase rate of old customers, and get new customers through word-of-mouth communication. However, some people believe that, like the 28 principles of any industry, only a small part of the whole practitioners are traveling photographers who can get enough customers through their personal brand. A large number of photographers still need an Internet platform to collect traffic and orders to help them get customers.
The "industrialized production" of brigade photography was born. In industrial production, the enterprise brand is larger than the individual brand, strict and clear service process and pricing norms, replacing flexible and flexible individual workshops. However, the mode of production of industrial assembly line is not recognized by everyone.
Every good personal photographer has his own style and skill, and the studio has no passion for creation and only dedicated spirit. Some small studios and net red photographers are unworthy of the name. The low threshold of photography, more than marketing, this is also the fact of the industry. Therefore, if the enterprise is stable, after a large number of ticket tests, the better the brand, this is the successful model. No matter personal photographers, studios or studios, people who choose to travel need to leave professional, unique and beautiful images. Photographers must be creative and carefree.