The occupancy rate of the Orange Crystal Hotel reached 86% in three months.

2019/9/9 9:24:16
The reason why Orange Crystal Hotel has achieved so much in such a competitive market and the hotel industry tends to be saturated is closely related to its high-level design sense and strong functionality. Minimalism is undoubtedly an important characteristic of orange crystal hotel design, and it is also the general direction of its design style. The minimalism of Orange Crystal Hotel is not simple and empty, but focuses on the space and material itself, which maximizes the release of space, as well as the freedom and comfort of the guests. The color is bright, warm, simple, strong line sense, abandon redundant decoration, only show the most authentic side of the design, but also leave only the most in line with the needs of the occupants.
Minimalist, but to the extreme. The Orange Crystal Hotel regards every hotel as a work of art. Named "Crystal", from the intuitive sense in line with the hotel's strong sense of design. Crystal has transparent texture and geometric prism, which is in line with the design style of Orange Crystal Hotel, which is extremely simple, modern and space-sensitive. The more pure the crystal is, the more brilliant it reflects, which in turn reflects the spirit of craftsmen that the founder concentrates on creating. Open the room, at a glance, very simple and comfortable, all items are perfectly accepted. Expanding these receipts, the room's powerful functionality is at a glance. The space volume of each room maximizes the minimalist sense of art, while its function is purified, simple, but not reduced, let alone fold the needs of residents. Every inch of design space is also the use of unimpeded living space, creating an elegant and clear modern life facade.
Functionality is another major brand feature of Orange Crystal Hotel. Orange Crystal Hotel combines minimalist design with strong function perfectly. It pays attention to the resident's living style and upholds the principle of "life is higher than life" to build the hotel's functionality. Under the minimalist design style, it is very difficult to achieve these goals, but the room facilities of Orange Crystal Hotel have long been established. Close to the five-star level, especially focusing on quality, in lighting design, room temperature control, the use of the current very advanced technology, with a powerful mobile phone APP guest control system, automatic light induction, and even for couples intimately set up the open door music on demand function, to provide perfect emotional services. The sound insulation scheme of Tsinghua Acoustics Institute guarantees a sound insulation effect of up to 60 decibels.
The development of China's hotel industry has gone through three stages: the first stage is the form of hospitality in all state-owned stages; the second stage is that domestic hotels have a genuine business model, introducing the experience of setting up and managing foreign hotels; the third stage is that the industry begins to use the international vision and Internet thinking to treat the Hotel industry. Restructuring. Today, China's hotel industry is in the third stage of continuation. At present, people's requirements for hotels have gone far beyond such basic conditions as "clean and safe". Environment, design, comfort, experience and so on have been taken into account. The development trend of Orange Crystal Hotel is also the result of the hotel's diligent construction, enterprising and self-change in style and function.